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Save money on your heating and electricity by learning about energy in the home

This site aims to teach you how to properly understand energy. This site contains lessons on energy and a whole library of energy saving ideas to help you become more energy efficient.
Read through a simple set of lessons that will teach you how to properly understand how heat energy works and how you can control it

See how what you have learnt can be applied in the real world to use heat energy more efficiently

A library of useful energy saving tips and tricks that you can use in your home.

On this site you can learn how to answer questions like:

• Which will make a room hotter?: a 4kW electirc heater or a 4kW log fire?

• Will openeing a fridge door make a room colder or hotter?

• How does cavity wall insulation make your house warmer?
How this site works:
Start with learning the principles about how energy and heat works in the Learn About Energy section.

Then go on to see how what you have learnt applies to the real world with the Examples section.

Finally analyse your own home so to see where you can save on heating and save on electricity. You can browse through this site's library of energy saving tricks and ideas to give you some inspiriation